Mind Freedom Kenya (MF-K)
"Mind Kenya, Mind Africa"

MindFreedom's Vision and Mission Statement

MindFreedom Kenya was set up to improve the mental health and lives of sufferers and survivors in Kenya.

MindFreedom Kenya is an affiliate formed in response to identified gaps in mental health rights, lack of adequate information about substance abuse, and its impact on society and those directly affected.

MindFreedom Kenya's VISION

MindFreedom Kenya is an advocate for mental health rights and mental health reforms in Kenya.

One of the most important things to MindFreedom Kenya is the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), which by Tina Minkowitz an authority in International human rights issues "Users and Survivors have an equal right to legal capacity (Article 12), which is the right to make their own decisions; and the right to free and informed consent in health care; and that users and survivors should not be deprived of liberty based on disability - which means that governments are violating this treaty if they lock up users and survivors in psychiatric institutions and perform forced treatment.


We strive to advocate, improve, transform and increase the awareness of human rights & equal treatment for people with psychosocial challenges who are the most marginalized and vulnerable in society due to stigma and inhumane treatment.

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MindFreedom Kenya
Japheth Makana
C/O Mohammed & Muigai Advocates
Box 61323, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone: +011 254 0710 284880
E-Mail: Kenya@mindfreedom.org

Mr. Abdul Maalik - Executive Dir.
Mr. Fred Abugah - Dir., Legal
Mr. Japheth Mwea - Dir., Finance
Dion De Kraker - Director, P.R.
Mr. John McCarthy - Dir. at Large
Fr. Gradus Oyaro - Director, Community Outreach
Mr. Moosa Salie - Board Tech. Consultant

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